The Whitfield, ACE Hotel, Pittsburgh.

The end of social distancing can’t come fast enough for several reasons. People need to get back to work. Kids, mine included need to get back to school. And we all need a little social interaction. One of my favorite social interactions is having a drink and dining in hotel bars and restaurants. A hotel restaurant that comes quickly to mind is The Whitfield at the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA.

Yes, I live here now, but the first time I visited The Whitfield was in 2016 as a hotel guest. If you’ve never stayed at an Ace Hotel, I do recommend it as a nice departure from the usual chains, assuming where you are traveling to has one. Ah traveling… remember that? Anyway I traveled here with my old boss back in 2016, and we had dinner at The Whitfield. I remember getting a fantastic cocktail from the lobby bar, then having a delicious steak and wine for dinner.

Photo: From The Ace Hotel website

The following morning, we skipped getting their breakfast, but enjoyed coffee at the bar. I look forward to the day that the restaurant (and others) opens up again for dining in. There’s something about being in the setting of a restaurant that I miss very much. And we have a lot of good choices here in Pittsburgh. My wife and I enjoy Butcher & The Rye, and had our last anniversary dinner at a French restaurant called Poulet Bleu. Last summer we enjoyed a modern take on classic Italian at Bar Marco in The Strip District. And I recently (before everything shut down) met up with fellow Pittsburgh style enthusiasts Nick – Quintessential Gent & Jon – The Kavalier at Sienna Mercato.

Life will likely not return to normal as we knew it, but restaurants will open up again. We will again be social. I will take my wife and daughter out to fun meals whether here in the North Hills, or down in the city to The Whitfield where I know they both want to eat. Or somewhere in New York City or Mexico or France. We all just need to be patient and let the people working on the front lines do their job so we can beat this thing.

Stay safe, everyone!

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