To Do List. Learn to Fly Fish.

I’ve read a lot about fly fishing in the past year or so. More than I ever thought I would. Novelists like Jim Harrison have written about it extensively. And more recent articles by David Coggins and other modern taste makers have helped add to the intrigue. Just today I read a piece in the local Pittsburgh TribLive about the early opening of trout season in Western PA, and asking the question asking, “Is it in the best interest of public health and safety (to open the season now)?” They, of course are referring to the current worldwide pandemic, COVID-19. There are rules and regulations in place, but will they be followed? As someone who has continued to run at our local park I can tell you that there are many folks out there still not practicing safe social distancing.

Nevertheless, the interest is still there. Whether I take it up this year or next, or sometime beyond is the real question. I also wonder how I will learn? Perhaps I can convince my father-in-law to dust off the old gear, and spend some quality time with the father of his youngest grandchild. He and my mother-in-law tend to spend their summer weekends at their sailing club two hours north of here, but just maybe if I’m lucky I can catch him before sailing season. There’s certainly no shortage of suppliers here in the North Hills for when I’m ready to buy my own equipment. Field & Stream is based here (part of Dick’s Sporting Goods), and we have a great L.L.Bean at the local mall. There’s also the Neshannock Creek Fly Shop in Volant, PA – about an hour north of my house. We drove up there a few years back (before we lived in the area) and spent the afternoon checking out the local wine shop, and another that carries a variety of olive oil and vinegar. I loved the look and feel of the fly shop (and surrounding property,) and took several photos.

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