A Story of a Jacket.

Sometimes we find hidden gems in the unlikeliest of places. When I lived in New York I frequented sample sales. At J.Crew I could stock up on basic tees, chinos, and shorts for pennies on the dollar. From Gant, I purchased some of my favorite (to this day) belts and pocket squares, and even a knit cotton hat that I wear when I go running. Isaia/Eidos was always a special sale – pricey still. I’ve splurged on a few Isaia pocket squares, but not much more. Except the two suits & navy silk blazer all made for Proper Cloth, and unloaded (straight into my closet) for about next to nothing. They’re now the only two suits in my rotation, and the jacket I wear year round for business. Daniel Cremieux has also been a favorite from which I have procured two sports jackets and two great pairs of chinos. I’ll get to all of those items another time. I’m excited to write today about a jacket I picked up at a Tommy Hilfiger sample sale in (probably) 2014. Yes, Tommy Hilfiger!

I remember this particular sale. I was working for PVH at the time – the parent company to Tommy Hilfiger. It was held offsite at a midtown Manhattan space, not far from our office. It was loaded with a lot of the standard department store and factory store merchandise. But one particular rack of items caught my eye. It held several items including this jacket. Looking back, I wish I’d looked at and purchased more items from that rack (I can recall a couple other sports jackets, and a raincoat, maybe?) knowing now how much wear I’ve gotten out of this piece. You know what they say about hindsight.

I’ve worn this jacket regularly over the past six spring/summer seasons. It’s a wool/linen blend in 2-button with double vents and working button cuffs, and is completely unlined. I’ve worn it to informal business meetings and events, out to dinner with friends, and even to my cousin’s wedding. If there is any sports jacket in my wardrobe that’s gotten more wear, it’s my navy silk blazer from Proper Cloth.

I just took it out of storage for spring. I won’t be going anywhere for a while, but I have it here in my home office at the moment, hanging on the back of my door. I look at it longingly – not in a weird way; but in a way that makes me wish things were different right now. I know this seems trivial considering what other people – especially those who are sick, or those helping the sick – are going through. But the truth is all of our lives have been disrupted in one way or another, and if thinking about a jacket makes it a little easier for some of us, so be it.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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