Eat This Book. The Raw And The Cooked, Adventures of a Roving Gourmand, Jim Harrison.

I’d seen Legends of the Fall when I was a teenager. Thought it was a good movie. Wasn’t much of a reader at the time, so I didn’t even think to pick up the book. Fast forward to my 20’s – I really started to enjoy reading and then cooking. Now fast forward again to my early 30’s when I started taking writing courses with dreams of becoming a novelist. Then I start reading the books of Anthony Bourdain after becoming a fan of his show, No Reservations. And who should appear in the Montana episode? None other than Jim Harrison. Again, I didn’t know much about him at the time the episode aired, but I found him to be fascinating. He certainly had a way with words, as well as a passion for food and wine!

Shortly after watching the episode, my wife surprised me with a copy of this book. I remember diving into it, and plowing through it fairly quickly. It’s an easy read and full of Jim’s fascinating stories about travel and relationships and, of course food.

I recently picked the book back up again as I was craving culinary inspiration during this time of self-quarantining. That brings me to a whole other subject – finding good and interesting food in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh. We were certainly spoiled with an abundance of food choices in Brooklyn. Not so much where I am now. It exists; you just need to look a little harder. I digress. Reading this book again has reawakened my sense of culinary adventure. My wife & I have been experimenting with different recipes; some good, some not as much. Yesterday I decided to try my hand at Matt Hranek’s Project Gravlax – a cured salmon recipe. It needs 48 hours to cure, so I expect it to be ready by Saturday afternoon happy hour. More on that later…

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