Here I go again. It seems like every couple of years I try to reinvent myself, and come up with a new blog. When I first relocated from NYC to Pittsburgh I revived an old blog name – Cut & Basted. I began writing and falling back into old patterns where I’d wax poetic about a particular shirt I was coveting, etc. Eventually I started writing posts about cigars. The original concept of the blog – where food and style meet – went away almost entirely. I grew tired of it. I stopped writing, and now it’s gone.

So, here I am. Writing a new blog. Why? Because I need an outlet for writing. I used to write for online publications, and had aspirations of becoming a novelist. But life happened. I got married. I changed jobs. I changed jobs again. We had a baby. I changed jobs again. And then I took another job, and we decided to take a mental break from NYC and move to my wife’s home city of Pittsburgh. We’ve been here just over two years now. And the things I miss about New York City have made me resent Pittsburgh. I’m trying to be less resentful.

Maybe my weekend jog through North Park isn’t quite as exciting as it was through Brooklyn Bridge Park into DUMBO, and over the Manhattan Bridge into Chinatown. But as you can see in the photos above and below it’s still quite the view.

We’ve made some wonderful friends since moving here, and have connected to the local Jewish community. We found a great spot for Thai food and another for barbecue. We’re still on the hunt for a good slice of pizza; but that’s on hold while we quarantine ourselves due to COVID-19. The park is still open, so I plan to continue to train even though they’ve cancelled the Pittsburgh Marathon & Half Marathon. (I’m still holding out hope for the Brooklyn Half in mid-May.)

So, what can you expect to read? Posts like this. I’ll write a little bit about running. Style – my own, my aspirations, and style of those I admire. Travel; but probably not for a while unless I decide to write about our winter vacation in Disney World. Food & drinking because I enjoy wine, spirits, restaurants, and cooking. And maybe the occasional take on a book, movie, TV show, or piece of music.

I hope you’ll return to read more. Thank you.

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